Financial accounts statistics

Financial accounts statistics

The financial accounts are part of the system of national accounts. Within this system, the Statistic National Institute (SNI) prepares the non-financial accounts of the institutional sectors and the Banco de España the financial accounts of the institutional sectors, which are usually called financial accounts. The latter record the financial transactions and positions between the institutional sectors and subsectors resident in the national economy and between these and the rest of the world. The changes in the financial balance sheets are on account of the financial transactions carried out in the period and of revaluations and other changes.

In addition to the financial accounts of the Spanish economy, this section sets out the liquidity and funding indicators that provide a monthly projection of a part of the financial instruments and sectors included in the financial accounts.

Complementary information on the non-financial accounts prepared by the SNI is also provided in a table that presents them together with the financial accounts for all sectors, households and NPISHs in particular and, finally, the accounts of the euro zone prepared by the ECB.

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