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Central Credit Register

The Risk Information Centre (CIR from its initials in Spanish) is a public database management service where virtually all the loans, credits, bank endorsements and risks in general that financial institutions have with their customers are recorded. The data recorded in the CIR reflect the information that such institutions have on their clients in their databases.

Request for information

Any natural or legal person may request, for free, the details declared in the Banco de España's CCR on their own behalf, using the following procedure:

Solicitud de informes de riesgos por los titulares.Opens in new window

Disagreement with the statement

If the account holder considers that the information declared to the CCR is inaccurate or incomplete, he/she can notify the reporting institution or institutions directly, requesting that the information is rectified or cancelled, or he/she can request that the Banco de España deals with the claim for free in accordance with the following procedure:

Reclamación contra una entidad por disconformidad con lo declarado a la CIR.Opens in new window