How can I check if a banknote or coin is a counterfeit, and what should I do if I suspect it is?

How to check the authenticity of banknotes and coins?

Euro banknotes incorporate a series of advanced security features that make them easy to distinguish them from counterfeits and act as a deterrent to counterfeiters. Any citizen can check the authenticity of a euro banknote in a few seconds using the "Feel, look, tiltOpens in new window",method, without the use of verification devices. The coins also have security features which we can be easily checkOpens in new window and make them difficult to counterfeit..

The euro is a safe currency. However, if in the course of an economic transaction you receive a suspected counterfeit banknote or coin, it is advisable to follow some recommendations.

If you have any doubt, you must deliver the banknotes or coins to the police authorities, a credit institution or any branch of the Banco de España. If they are authentic, you will recover their value.

How to present a banknote or coin suspected to be counterfeit?

The procedure for delivering a banknote or coin suspected of being counterfeit to the Banco de España is available at the Virtual Office of the Banco de España.

You can also deliver the banknote or coin to a credit institution or to the police authorities.

What is the next step?

Upon delivery of the suspected counterfeit banknotes and/or coins at the Banco de España or at the credit institution, they will provide us with a receipt that will serve to monitor the file. With the file number that appears on the receipt and the ID, you can check the status of the file at any time at this linkOpens in new window.

The result of the expert opinion will be communicated by email or post to the email or address provided.

If in the analysis of the Banco de España it is determined that the banknote or coin is authentic, it will be reimbursed to the citizen or financial institution; the amount may also be credited into a current account, if this has been provided. If the banknote or coin is counterfeit, it is not redeemable and the owner loses its value. Therefore, it is crucial to check the cash we receive in exchanges

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