The recirculation of euro banknotes and coins

Credit institutions and other professional cash handlers are obliged to guarantee the authenticity and suitability of the notes and coins they receive and plan to recirculate. The Eurosystem Member States supervise the recirculation of banknotes and coins in order to help maintain the quality of cash in circulation.

In relation to banknotes, both credit institutions and other cash handling professionals guarantee the quality of cash in circulation through the use of equipment to verify the authenticity and fitness of banknotes.

According to the current regulations, they report quarterly to the Banco de España the information relating to the recirculation of banknotes and are subject to on-site activity controls by the Banco de España. The statistical information report can be done through the MRB application. You can find all the information relating to the submission of information in the section "you may also like…”

With regard to coins, cash handling professionals also use machines to verify the coins that are going to be recirculated. Banco de España carries out on-site controls, verifying the proper functioning of coin processing machines and reviewing internal procedures and guidelines.

There are certain cases in which the authenticity and fitness of the banknotes can be checked manually. You can find more information at the following links.

Banknote fitness checking centres

An important part of the activity of recirculating banknotes in Spain is carried out by specialised centres called banknote fitness checking centres.

Credit institutions that are part of the ordinary cash service of the Banco de España may only use banknotes which have been withdrawn from the Banco de España or processed and classified as fit by an authorised fitness checking centre to load their customer-operated cash dispensers. Thereby their safety and quality are guaranteed.

The following may be fitness checking centres: credit institutions, cash transport companies registered with the Ministry of the Interior and entities involved in a professional capacity in the handling of cash.

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