Our recruitment processes

At the Banco de España we conduct different types of recruitment processes and offer different types of employment contract. When recruiting, our aim is to find the right profile for the vacancy, through a rigorous, consistent and objective process.

Each vacancy terms and conditions specifies what we expect from you at each and every stage of the recruitment process.

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Sending your application

The diagram describes step by step what you must do to submit your application:

Here you can download the application form File PDF: Opens in new window (1 MB). Fill it out following the instructions in the

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y en la quick guide File PDF: Opens in new window (270 KB).

Remember that the Banco de España doesn’t accept speculative job applications. You should apply for the open recruitment processes, provided they match your profile and interests.

The Banco de España offers two types of contract: permanent and temporary. You’ll find job opportunities aimed at both experienced and inexperienced candidates under the two categories.

Our recruitment processes are governed by the terms and conditions in each vacancy notice. We typically use tests to assess talent (knowledge tests, English-language tests and interviews, among others). You can find more information below:

Phases of permanent recruitment

Phases of temporary recruitment

The personal interview is one of the most common tests in our processes. It enables us to explore candidates’ experience and expertise, their competencies and abilities and why they want to join our team.

By competencies we mean the set of skills and abilities needed to successfully perform daily tasks.

Using the critical incident technique, in the interview we’ll ask you to reflect on how you’ve acted in specific situations throughout your professional career. The aim is to take a deep dive into your skill set and discover the tools and abilities at your disposal to work effectively.

This type of interview allows us to establish a consistent, thorough and objective assessment framework based on the key competencies defined for each of the positions in our Talent and Leadership Model File PDF: Opens in new window (5 MB). This model guides us throughout our staff’s life cycle and takes in everything from the recruitment process to development, training and future projection prospects.

In each vacancy terms and conditions, we specify what we expect from you in each stage of the process and the critical skills of your future role.

It is very important to prepare for the interview and to get acquainted with the Banco de España’s main functions and goals. We recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Identify the most important competencies for the position you’re applying for.
  2. Think about your most recent experience. Try to remember specific events that are closely related to the key competencies of the position and that best showcase your suitability for a specific area
  3. Remember to identify the specific situation clearly, the task you performed, how you handled the situation at different times, what specific actions you took to resolve the issues and, lastly, the outcome.

During the interview, make sure you speak in the first person, you focus on what the interviewers ask you, giving properly structured answers, and you provide examples and quantifiable data.

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