Institutional social responsibility

The Banco de España works on a number of institutional social responsibility initiatives, mainly in the following areas:

  1. Promotion of financial education;
  2. Contributions to social and cultural projects funded by the Beneficent-Social Fund;
  3. Support for economic research;
  4. Preservation and dissemination of the institution's artistic, historical and archival heritage;
  5. Environmental protection;
  6. Responsible procurement; and
  7. Measures to contribute to a more positive work environment.

Group coordinating institutional social responsibility actions

In October 2020 a group was created to coordinate institutional social responsibility actions. It is tasked with preparing the draft institutional social responsibility plan, which is submitted to the Banco de España’s governing bodies for approval.

Planning and promotion of institutional social responsibility

Since 2021, the Banco de España has been formally planning its institutional social responsibility activities, through the approval of an Annual Institutional Social Responsibility Plan.

In addition, the Banco de España's Institutional Report describes the main activities carried out during the year in the area of institutional social responsibility, to which it dedicates Chapter 3.