The Banco de España compiles, prepares and publishes a broad set of economic and financial statistics. These relate to the functions conferred on it by the Law of Autonomy and its responsibilities as a member of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and also include those established by the National Statistics Plan. It performs this activity in accordance with the principles laid down by the Public commitment on European Statistics by the ESCBOpens in new window.

The statistical information prepared by the Banco de España and its main release calendars can be accessed from this section.


Latest data

€STR (1 day)


Euribor a un año


Cambio EUR/USD




Total household deposits. TVA


Cap(+)/Nec(-) of financing. % of GDPmp


Release calendar for statistics

How to use the calendar: use the arrow keys to navigate the calendar. Press the arrows to navigate by days of the month. Press shift and the arrows to navigate by month. Press control and the arrows to navigate by year.

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