Official Registers. Formalities

Supervised institutions

All the institutions supervised by the Banco de España, after having been authorised or approved to carry out their activity by the competent authority, must register with the Official Registers of the Banco de España.

Once the institution, its bylaws, senior officers (following the form provided in the processes listed below) and the associated professionals (in the case of valuation companies) have been registered, the institution is notified and its registration in the Registry of Institutions is published on the Banco de España's website.

Owners of currency exchange bureaux

Natural or legals persons other than credit institutions, which intend to purchase foreign bank notes and traveller cheques with payments in euros in establishments open to the public must be authorised by the Banco de España to be able to operate. Applications should be made using the form provided in the first process indicated below.

Agents and agreements declared by credit institutions and agents declared by payment and e-money institutions

Spanish credit institutions and the branch offices of foreign credit institutions in Spain, as well as the Spanish payment institutions and the branch offices of foreign payment institutions in Spain and electronic money institutions that provide payment services must report this to Banco de España. Likewise, Spanish credit institutions must report to Banco de España the foreign credit institutions with which they have entered into agreements for providing regular financial services in Spain to the clients of said foreign institutions, on behalf and in representation of the foreign institution.

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