AMI-Pay Spain

The National group for payment infrastructures is a forum chaired by Banco de España that aims at supporting financial market integration in the field of payments and, within this scope, providing advice on financial market infrastructures managed by the Eurosystem, including related projects. In order to do so, its members include financial institutions participating in the payments market and their industry associations, as well as Iberpay and Banco de España as managing entities of the Spanish payment systems.

This forum establishes the formal link between the Spanish market and the Eurosystem’s Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Payments (AMI-Pay), by acting as sounding board for AMI-Pay and as provider of input in relation to all matters considered by AMI-Pay. It may also suggest issues for AMI-Pay consideration.

II reunión AMI-Pay España 12/04/2018

X reunión AMI-Pay España 18/05/2022

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