Real estate credit intermediaries and Real estate lenders

Banco de España Circular 4/2021 of 25 November 2021 to credit institutions and other supervised entities, on models of confidential statements in terms on market conduct, transparency and customer protection, and on the registration of claims, establishes the information and the statements models that supervised entities have to prepare in matters of conduct.

Specifically, section 6 of rule 6 and annex 1 of Circular 4/2021 establish that real estate lenders (PI) and real estate credit intermediaries (ICI) must submit to the Banco de España every six months the confidential statement CPI 1 " Activity of real estate lenders and real estate credit intermediaries. Business in Spain”. However, natural persons registered with the Banco de España as ICI will be exempt from reporting this statement.

Information related to the CPI 1 statement is:

In addition, in the following link it is available the whole set of statement on market Conduct and claims:

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