Financial regulations

In this section, the following legal information resources, among other, can be accessed:

  • Regulation of the Financial System, which offers state, regional and EU financial regulations, consolidated and grouped by categories.
  • Database of Financial Law, which allows the consultation of consolidated state, regional and EU provisions, as well as the previous versions.
  • Banco de España circulars, organised chronologically.
  • Unofficial translations into English of the most relevant standards of the Spanish financial system.
Imagen regulacion sistema financiero

Financial system regulation

This section allows you to consult financial regulations at national, regional and EU level, organised by category.

For ease of reference, each category links only to the articles of the regulation that regulate it.

The regulation is provided in its consolidated version and therefore does not include rules that are merely modifying.

Imagen base de datos legislacion

Financial legislation database in Spanish

Banco de España's financial legislation database allows consultation of the legal provisions of the financial system, whether at the national, regional or EU level.

The regulations are provided in their consolidated version when amended and are accompanied by explanatory notes, references to other related standards, as well as links to previous versions, where appropriate.

As additional consultation tools, the database includes a chronological index by year and an analytical index by voice.

Further information on the use of the database can be found in the "Help" menu.

Imagen circulares

Banco de España circulars

This section contains a selection of the consolidated texts of Banco de España circulars.

Circulars can be searched by year, using the chronological index, or by item, using the analytical index.

The texts of all Banco de España circulars and monetary circulars, both current and repealed, are available via the financial legislation database.

Imagen medidas legales

Extraordinary economic and financial measures

Sectoral financial regulations relating to the protection of mortgagors, budgetary policy or financial stability.

imagen legislacion ingles

Spanish legislation translated into English