Electronic service user management

Banco de España, in the performance of its duties, makes a set of electronic services available to individuals, financial entities, businesses and General Government for information exchange.

Some of these services do not require a specific accession process:

Nevertheless, there are others with restricted access which means that only those users who have been suitably identified and authorised may access them:

Management of external users

Access to services requiring the accession process carries with it a series of technical and administrative activities prior to being granted which establish:

  • The specific service that is desired or needed to access.
  • The network over which connection will be made with the Bank, for example, Internet, RedBdE (the Banco de España private network, etc.).
  • The protocol to be used, for example, email, an internet application, EDITRAN, etc.
  • And the mechanism for authentication, for example, electronic certificates, passwords, etc.

Therefore, if it is the first time that contact has been made with the Banco de España, it is important to read the related information given in this paragraph (glossary, channels and tools) carefully, prior to entering into the application for accession to an electronic service:

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