Glossary of terms and definitions

  • External User: Natural or legal person who, once the legal and administrative processes required have been fulfilled, will have an Electronic Identity to authenticate themselves with at the Banco de España.
  • Electronic Identity: Virtual personality acquired by an External User by using certain electronic media that allow correct identification by the Banco de España (electronic certificates, tokens, user code/password, etc.)
  • Electronic service: Information systems over which an External User can carry out transactions and/or exchange information with Banco de España.
  • Authentication: Process through which an External User, using an Electronic Identity, identifies themselves to Banco de España.
  • Authorisation: Process by which the Electronic Identity of an External User is enabled to access an Electronic Service.
  • Channel: Network, communications software and security mechanisms through which an External User accesses an Electronic Service. An Electronic Service may be available using several access channels.
  • Owner of the Electronic Service: Banco de España Department responsible for the Electronic Service and, as such, the one establishing the conditions for access and use.
  • Applicant for the Electronic Service: Interlocutor recognised by the Owner of the Service to apply for accession to it.
  • Management of External Users of Electronic Services (GUEX): The Banco de España group responsible for processing and managing applications for accession to Electronic Services.
  • Operator: Person who interacts with an Information system to exchange or consult data.
  • RedBde: The Banco de España virtual private network (VPN).
  • IA: Administrative Intranet. General Government network (Sara network).
  • SWIFT: Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication's private network.
  • Interactive Transactions: Transactions exchanged between the external user and the Banco de España with the intervention of an operator.
  • Automatic Transaction: Transactions exchanged between the external user and the Banco de España without the intervention of an operator.
  • Operating Terminal: Terminal for access to Banco de España infrastructure and carry out interactive transactions
  • Editran: Software supplied by INDRA for file exchange.
  • FileAct: Protocol defined by SWIFT for file exchange.
  • INTERACT: Protocol defined by SWIFT for message exchange in automatic transactions.
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