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DG Financial Conduct and Banknotes

Directors General

The current Director General Financial Conduct and Banknotes is Alberto Ríos and the Associate Director General is Helena Tejero


  • Branch OfficesDirector: Manuela SebastiánDeputy Director: Juan Gómez González
  • CashDirector: Mª José Fernández LupiáñezDeputy Director: Beatriz García Bardera
  • Institutions’ ConductDirector: Fernando Tejada Deputy Director: Mª Cristina Menéndez de Luarca


The Directorate General Financial Conduct and Banknotes is responsible for:

  • Functions relating to supervision and supervisory and regulatory policy, handling enquiries and preparing reports and proposals for drawing up general provisions on market conduct, banking transparency and customer protection that affect the institutions supervised by the Banco de España. It also submits the appropriate reports and proposals, including those for the adoption of preventive, disciplinary or cautionary measures, to the relevant bodies of the Banco de España.
  • Resolving the enquiries, complaints and claims made by users of bank services about the conduct of institutions subject to supervision, in relation to transparency and customer protection regulations and best banking practices and uses.
  • Controlling the entire process of euro banknote production corresponding to the Banco de España, entrusted to the special-purpose entity “Imprenta de Billetes, S.A. Medio Propio del Banco de España (IMBISA)”, including the coordination and audit of the entity.
  • Issuing euro banknotes and putting legal tender coins into circulation, along with the tasks related to their withdrawal, exchange, safekeeping and recirculation, in coordination with the Eurosystem and the European Commission, respectively.
  • Promoting the quality and authenticity of the banknotes and coins in circulation, and overseeing and monitoring those involved in the processing and handling of cash.
  • Detecting and analysing counterfeit banknotes and coins through the National Analysis Centres for banknotes and coins, in coordination with the Eurosystem and the Monetary Offences Investigation Brigade of the Banco de España.
  • Carrying out certain operations for the general public, such as exchanging unfit banknotes, and providing cash services to general government agencies.
  • Managing the Banco de España’s branch office network.