Managing AI in banking: are we ready to cooperate?

Speech by the Governor at the IIF Global Outlook Forum (Washington)


"Cyber risk and its implications for financial stability"

Speech by the Governor at Punto de Encuentro Financiero FINANZA/Elkargi 


Exposición sobre el Archivo Fotográfico del Banco de España

Del 9 de abril al 20 de julio de 2024


Annual Acounts 2023

Annual Accounts and post by the Governor in the Banco de España Blog


Conoce el Banco de España


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10 years of the <abbr xml:lang='en' lang='en' title='Single Supervisory Mechanism'>SSM</abbr>

10 years of the SSM

10 years ago, the European Central Bank and the national competent authorities of the European Union countries participating in the banking union adopted a single financial supervision system, the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).

Its main aims are to ensure the safety and soundness of the European banking system and to increase financial integration and stability in Europe.

It is the first step towards the so-called “banking union”, of which the Single Resolution Mechanism also forms part, and which is expected to be completed with a harmonised deposit guarantee system.


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Latest data

ECB indicators. Latest monetary policy decision: 11.04.2024

Main refinancing operations


Effective: 20.09.2023

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Marginal lending facility


Effective: 20.09.2023

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Deposit facility


Effective: 20.09.2023

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One-year Euribor

3.718 %

Mortgages ref 04/2024

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