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Welcome to the Economic Research Portal at the Banco de España

Economic analysis and research are important tasks of the Banco de España, which support its role as Spain’s central bank and as a member of the Eurosystem. The Banco de España has made public their Analysis and Research PrioritiesAbre en nueva ventana for the period 2020-2024.

The Economic Research Portal is directed towards the community of economic and financial researchers worldwide, to provide quick access to publications, statistics, and other information of interest relating to the research output of the Banco de España. For more comprehensive access to all analytical and research output of the Banco de España, please see the main Economic Analysis and ResearchAbre en nueva ventana page.

News and highlights

Publication Updates

  • Evaluating the yield curve effects of central bank asset purchases under a forward-looking supply factor

    European Economic ReviewAbre en nueva ventana, Volume 165, June 2024, Art 104744

    Juan Equiza (University of Navarra)
    Ricardo GimenoAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)
    Antonio Moreno (University of Navarra)
    Carlos ThomasAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)

  • Public pensions and private savings

    American Economic Journal: Economic PolicyAbre en nueva ventana, Volume 16, Issue 2, May 2024, pp. 366-405.

    Esteban García-MirallesAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)
    Jonathan M. Leganza (Clemson University)


  • Uncertainty, non-linear contagion and the credit quality channel: an application to the Spanish interbank market

    Journal of Financial StabilityAbre en nueva ventana, Volume 71, April 2024, Art 101226.

    Adrián CarroAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)
    Patricia Stupariu (Universtiy of Oxford)


  • Sentimental propagation of lottery winnings: evidence from the Spanish Christmas lottery

    Journal of Monetary EconomicsAbre en nueva ventana, Volume 143, April 2024, Art. 103525

    Morteza GhomiAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)
    Isabel Micó-Millán (Banco de España)
    Evi Pappa (Carlos III)