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Welcome to the Economic Research Portal at the Banco de España

Economic analysis and research are important tasks of the Banco de España, which support its role as Spain’s central bank and as a member of the Eurosystem. The Banco de España has made public their Analysis and Research PrioritiesAbre en nueva ventana for the period 2020-2024.

The Economic Research Portal is directed towards the community of economic and financial researchers worldwide, to provide quick access to publications, statistics, and other information of interest relating to the research output of the Banco de España. For more comprehensive access to all analytical and research output of the Banco de España, please see the main Economic Analysis and ResearchAbre en nueva ventana page.

Publication Updates

  • Do the unemployed pay lower prices? A reassessment of the value of unemployment insurance

    Journal of the European Economic Association, 18(5), October 2020, p. 2135-2181.
    Rodolfo Campos (Banco de España)
    Iliana Reggio (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

  • Mutual funding

    Review of Financial Studies, 33(10), October 2020, p. 4883-4915.
    Javier Gil-Bazo (UPF)
    Peter Hoffmann (ECB)
    Sergio Mayordomo (Banco de España)

  • A large central bank balance sheet? Floor vs corridor systems in a New Keynesian environment

    Journal of Monetary Economics, 114, October 2020, p. 350-367.
    Óscar Arce (Banco de España),
    Galo Nuño (Banco de España),
    Dominik Thaler (Banco de España), 
    Carlos Thomas (Banco de España)

  • Global imbalances from a stock perspective: the asymmetry between creditors and debtors

    Journal of International Money and Finance, 107, October 2020.
    Enrique Alberola (BIS)
    Ángel Estrada (Banco de España)
    Francesca Viani (Banco de España)