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Welcome to the Economic Research Portal at the Banco de España

Economic analysis and research are important tasks of the Banco de España, which support its role as Spain’s central bank and as a member of the Eurosystem. The Banco de España has made public their Analysis and Research PrioritiesAbre en nueva ventana for the period 2020-2024.

The Economic Research Portal is directed towards the community of economic and financial researchers worldwide, to provide quick access to publications, statistics, and other information of interest relating to the research output of the Banco de España. For more comprehensive access to all analytical and research output of the Banco de España, please see the main Economic Analysis and ResearchAbre en nueva ventana page.

Publication Updates

  • Fluctuations in global output volatility

    Journal of International Money and Finance, Volume 120, February 2022, Art 102533
    Danilo Leiva-LeónAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)
    Lorenzo Ductor (Universidad de Granada)

  • Flattening of the Phillips curve with state-dependent prices and wages

    Economic Journal, Volume 132, Issue 642, pp 546–581, February 2022
    James CostainAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)
    Anton Nakov (ECB)
    Borja Petit (CUNEF)

  • Mapping exposures of EU banks to the global shadow banking system

    Journal of Banking & Finance, Volume 134, January 2022, Art 106168
    Jorge AbadAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España), Marco D’Errico (DBF University of Zurich, Switzerland), Neill Killeen (Central Bank of Ireland), Vera Luz (Banco de Portugal), Tuomas Peltonen (European Systemic Risk Board Secretariat), Richard Portes (London Business School and CEPR) and Teresa Urbano (European Banking Authority).

  • Robust likelihood estimation of dynamic panel data models

    Journal of Econometrics, Volume 226, Issue 1, pp 21–61, January 2022
    Francisco Javier Álvarez de PedroAbre en nueva ventanaAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)
    Manuel Arellano (CEMFI)