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Included here are the reports, documents, papers and analyses published by the Banco de España within the scope of its functions and responsibilities, as well as certain ECB publications.

Latest publications

Annual reports

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Annual Report

Economic and financial situation of the Spanish economy

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Annual Accounts

Balance sheet, profit and loss account and notes to the accounts of the Banco de España

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Complaints Report

Proceedings processed, affected entities and best practice criteria

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Institutional Report

View of the organisation, structure and functions of the Banco de España

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Supervision Report

Supervisory functions, organisation, priorities and strategy.

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CCR Report

Credit exposures, activity data and European projects

Economic analysis and research

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Economic Bulletin

Quarterly report on the economy, boxes and conjunctural analysis.

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Economic Notes

Economic conjuncture, methodology and statistics.

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Working Papers

Research papers on economics and finance.

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Research Update

Half-yearly summary of the Banco de España’s research activities.

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Analytical Articles

Analysis of current economic and financial issues.

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Macro projections

Scenarios for the Spanish economy

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Occasional Papers

Papers on the Spanish and the international economy

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Economic History

Quantitative Spanish economic history studies.

Financial stability and macroprudential policy

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Financial Stability Report

Risk analysis, situation of the banking system and macroprudential policy.

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Financial Stability Review

Thematic articles.

Statistical information

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Central Balance Sheet Office

Aggregate annual results of non-financial corporations

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Statistical Bulletin

Statistics compiled by the Banco de España, general statistics and economic indicators

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Statistical Notes

Methodologies and euro area comparisons

Miscellaneous publications

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Collection publications

On the Historical Archive, art collection, numismatics, etc.

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ECB publications

Annual Report, Economic Bulletin, Supervisory, etc.

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Publications on numerous subjects, brochures, guides, etc.

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Closed publications

Not published or inactive

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