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Publication Updates

The Financial Transmission of Housing Booms: Evidence from Spain

American Economic Review, 111(3), March 2021, p. 1013-1053.
Alberto Martin (CREI and Barcelona GSE)
Enrique Moral-BenitoAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)
Tom Schmitz (Bocconi University and IGIER)

On the direct and indirect real effects of credit supply shocks

Journal of Financial Economics, 139(3), March 2021, p. 895-921.
Laura Alfaro (Harvard Business School)
Manuel García-Santana (UPF)
Enrique Moral-BenitoAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)

Bank capital requirements, loan guarantees and firm performance

Journal of Financial Intermediation, 45, January 2021, 100825.
Sergio MayordomoAbre en nueva ventana  (Banco de España)
Antonio Moreno  (University of Navarra)
Steven Ongena  (University of Zurich)

María Rodríguez-MorenoAbre en nueva ventana  (Banco de España)

Do the unemployed pay lower prices? A reassessment of the value of unemployment insurance

Journal of the European Economic Association, 18(5), October 2020, p. 2135-2181.
Rodolfo Campos (Banco de España)
Iliana Reggio (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Mutual funding

Review of Financial Studies, 33(10), October 2020, p. 4883-4915.
Javier Gil-Bazo (UPF)
Peter Hoffmann (ECB)
Sergio Mayordomo (Banco de España)

A large central bank balance sheet? Floor vs corridor systems in a New Keynesian environment

Journal of Monetary Economics, 114, October 2020, p. 350-367.
Óscar Arce (Banco de España),
Galo Nuño (Banco de España),
Dominik Thaler (Banco de España), 
Carlos Thomas (Banco de España)

Global imbalances from a stock perspective: the asymmetry between creditors and debtors

Journal of International Money and Finance, 107, October 2020.
Enrique Alberola (BIS)
Ángel Estrada (Banco de España)
Francesca Viani (Banco de España)

When fiscal consolidation meets private deleveraging

Review of Economic Dynamics, 37, July 2020, pp. 214-233.
Javier Andrés (Universidad Valencia), 
Óscar Arce (Banco de España),
Dominik Thaler (Banco de España), 
Carlos Thomas (Banco de España)

Staying dry on Spanish wine: the rejection of the 1905 Spanish-Italian trade agreement

European Journal of Political Economy, 66, June 2020.
Jacopo Timini (Banco de España)

Rank Effects in Bargaining: Evidence from Government Formation

Review of Economic Studies, 87(3), May 2020, pp. 1261–1295.
Thomas Fujiwara (Princeton University)
Carlos Sanz (Banco de España)

Markov-switching three pass regression filter

Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 38 (2), April 2020, pp. 285-302.
Pierre Guérin (IMF)
Danilo Leiva-Leon (Banco de España)
Massimiliano Marcellino (Bocconi University)

International bank lending channel of monetary policy

Journal of International Money and Finance, 102 (124), April 2020.
Silvia Albrizio (Banco de España)
Sangyup Choi (Yonsei University)
Davide Furceri (IMF)
Chansik Yoond (Princeton University)

Backing the incumbent in difficult times: The electoral impact of wildfires

Comparative Political Studies, 53 (3-4), March 2020, pp. 469-499.Abre en nueva ventana
Roberto Ramos (Banco de España)
Carlos Sanz (Banco de España)

Financial development, default rates, and credit spreads

Economic Journal, 130 (626), February 2020, pp. 534-553.
Alessandro Peri (University of Colorado Boulder)
Omar Rachedi (Banco de España)

Growing Like Spain: 1995-2007

International Economic Review, 61(1), February 2020, pp. 384-416.
Manuel García-Santana (UPF)
Enrique Moral-Benito (Banco de España)
Josep Pijoan-Mas (CEMFI)
Roberto Ramos (Banco de España)

Monetary policy and the asset risk taking channel

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 51 (8), December 2019, pp. 2115-2144.
Angela Abbate (SNB)
Dominik Thaler (Banco de España)

Competition and the welfare gains from transportation infrastructure: evidence from the golden quadrilateral of India

Journal of the European Economic Association, 17 (6), December 2019, pp. 1881-1940.
Jose Asturias (Georgetown University)
Manuel García-Santana (UPF)
Roberto RamosAbre en nueva ventana (Banco de España)

Services deepening and the transmission of monetary policy

Journal of the European Economic Association, 17 (4), August 2019, pp. 1261-1293.
Alessandro Galesi (Banco de España)
Omar Rachedi (Banco de España)

Taxation and the life cycle of firms

Journal of Monetary Economics, 105, August 2019, pp. 114-130.
Andrés Erosa (Universidad Carlos III) and Beatriz González (Banco de España)

Service regulations, input prices and export volumes: Evidence from a panel of manufacturing firms

Journal of Industrial Economics, 67 (2), June 2019, pp. 328-371.
Mónica Correa-López (Banco de España)
Rafael Doménech (BBVA Research)