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Research Staff(alphabetical)

 Sandra García-Uribe

Disclaimer. The Curriculum Vitae in this page, and any links from this page to websites outside of the domain, are the sole responsibility of Sandra García-Uribe. The Banco de España is not responsible for their content.

Sandra García-Uribe

Staff Economist

Survey of Household Finances Unit
Microeconomic Studies Division

Structural Analysis and Microeconomic Studies Department
DG Economics, Statistics and Research

Contact Information

Fields of Interest

  • Economics of the Media
  • Taxation
  • Big Data
  • Applied Econometrics

JEL Codes

  • No JEL Codes specified.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications and Working Papers

  • “Multidimensional media slant: Complementarities in news reporting by US newspapers” Abre en nueva ventana

    Sandra García-Uribe (2018-02)

    JEL codes: D22, C25, C55, L82

  • “The effects of tax changes on economic activity: A narrative approach to frequent anticipations”

    Sandra García-Uribe

    JEL codes: E622, H20. N12, D80

  • “Media content response to entry: Evidence from Spanish newspapers”

    Diego García and Sandra García-Uribe (2017-09)

    JEL codes: D40, L82

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