Plans and programmes

Strategic Plan 2024

On 9 January, the Governing Council of the Banco de España approved the first strategic plan of the Banco de España: The Plan has a five-year implementation horizon, from 2020 to 2024. A mid-term review is scheduled, to take stock of the work performed and to enable adjustments to be made to reflect the experience gained and any changes that may have occurred.

The Strategic Plan describes the mission of the Banco de España as being to support stable economic growth, signals the Bank’s ambition to become an outstanding and dynamic central bank committed to society and identifies its core institutional values: independence, transparency, integrity, excellence and its public-service vocation.

Evaluation Programe

In 2021, a self-assessment exercise of the Governing Council was carried out, which has resulted in a plan that will be reviewed and monitored.

Annual regulatory plan

The Banco de España, in order to adequately exercise its powers, may establish the rules required for the development and execution of the norms that enable it to do so. The regulations issued by the Banco de España are called Circulars, they are prepared with the appropriate technical and legal reports of the institution’s competent services, submitted to public consultation and approved by the Governing Council of the Banco de España.

The Banco de España may draft and publish technical guidelines for those entities and groups subject to supervision indicating criteria, practices, methods and procedures that it deems suitable for compliance with the regulations governing supervision. Said guides may include criteria that the Banco de España itself will follow in the performance of its supervision activities.

In this context, Article 132 of Law 39/2015 establishes that the Public Administration will publish an annual regulatory plan which will contain the legal or regulatory initiatives to be submitted for approval the following year. In accordance with the above, Article 7 of the internal rules of the Banco de España provides for the annual approval of a regulatory plan.

In addition, since 2021, the Banco de España has prepared and published a report analyzing the degree of compliance with the Annual Regulatory Plan of the previous year.

Institucional Report and other publications

The Institutional Report is intended to provide the public at large with a fuller view of our organisation and its structure, and of the various functions the Bank performs. It further summarises the principal activities carried out over the previous year.

The Banco de España also publishes periodically different reports in which the various actions carried out can be consulted and the main lines of action for the future are presented.

Analysis and research priorities: 2020-2024

On 16 October 2020, the Banco de España published the selected analysis and research subjects on which it will focus in the period 2020-2024, having identified the key issues liable to influence Spanish citizens’ economic well-being in the near future.

The five priority subjects of analysis and research identified for the 2020-2024 horizon are:

  1. Central bank policies and their interactions.
  2. Long-term trends (climate change, digitalisation, ageing, etc.) in the Spanish economy.
  3. Risks and opportunities arising from the international environment.
  4. The aggregate consequences of the heterogeneity of individuals and firms.
  5. New technologies and information sources: challenges for a central bank.

On 5 October 2021, the Banco de España published the first annual review of its analysis and research priorities, which confirmed the validity of the strategic framework defined in 2020 and updated its lines of work.