Suspected counterfeit banknotes and coins

Credit institutions, currency exchange offices and other institutions engaged in handling cash as a professional activity are obliged to withdraw from circulation any euro banknotes or coins they receive which they know or have sufficient reason to believe that are counterfeit. Likewise, they must be handed over to the Banco de España within fifteen working days of being detected.

The presumably counterfeit banknotes or coins may be delivered in person or by secure delivery (through an agent specializing in the transport and distribution of money or certified mail), preferably to the nearest branch of the Banco de España.


How to deliver banknote or coin suspected to be counterfeit to the Banco de España?

The procedure for delivering a banknote or coin suspected of being counterfeit is available at the Banco de España Virtual Office:

Verification of suspected counterfeit banknotes and coins Opens in new window

Upon delivery of the suspected counterfeit banknotesor coins, the Banco de España will give a receipt , which will serve as proof to track the file.


What is the next step?

The result of the expert analysis will be communicated by email or post to the presenter of the banknotes or coins and to the owner, if their data was filled in the form at the time the file was opened.

If from the Banco de España’s expert analysis it turns out that the banknotes or coins are legitimate, they will be exchanged to the citizen or financial entity. They may also be paid into a current account, if this had been indicated at the opening of the file.


What to do in the event that a citizen suspects that a banknote or coin is counterfeit?

The euro is a safe currency. However, if you have any doubts, you can find all the related information on suspected counterfeit banknotes in the “For the citizen” web section.


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