Registries in Spain

Since 1991, under the cooperation agreements signed with the Ministry of Justice and the Spanish Association of Property and Mercantile Registrars, the Banco de España's Central Balance Sheet Data Office and the Mercantile Registries have been working together to facilitate the statistical use of the annual accounts that companies are legally required to file with the mercantile registry of the province in which their registered office is located.

The Central Balance Sheet Data Office disseminates several products arising as a result of this collaboration:

  • Central Balance Sheet Data Office. Annual results of non-financial corporations
    The CBB database (created drawing on the annual accounts filed with the Mercantile Registers) and the CBA database (which compiles information voluntarily reported by corporations in a purpose-designed questionnaire) are aggregated and integrated into a data source which, under the name of CBI, provides for the monitoring of aggregate results, with breakdowns by size and sector of activity of the non-financial corporations.
  • Sectoral aggregatesOpens in new window
     This is an IT tool that provides access to aggregate information with more extensive sectoral breakdowns from the aforementioned publication and which is likewise compiled drawing on the CBI Sectoral aggregates database.
  • RSE databaseOpens in new window
    The Sector Ratios of Non-financial Corporations database (RSE), which is available free of charge on the internet and which provides information on economic and financial ratios, useful for making comparative analyses of individual corporations with the aggregate results of non-financial corporations. This enables the corporation to be positioned according to its activity sector and size.
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