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Strategic Plan

On 9 January 2020, the Governing Council of the Banco de España approved the Strategic Plan 2024, the Bank’s first such plan. A five-year time frame (2020-2024) is envisaged for executing the Plan, with a mid-term review scheduled to take stock of the work performed and allow adjustments to be made to reflect the experience gained and any developments in the interim.

The Strategic Plan describes the mission of the Banco de España as being to support stable economic growth, signals the Bank’s ambition to become an outstanding and dynamic central bank committed to society and identifies its core institutional values: independence, transparency, integrity, excellence and its public-service vocation.

Vision and objectives

Vision represents what the Banco de España wants to become in the future and how it wishes to be perceived.

An outstanding and dynamic central bank committed to society

The strategic objectives that will help us achieve our vision by 2024 and fulfil our mission are:


Below you can see the five values that define us in how we perform our duties, as well as the concepts associated with each value and their meaning in our daily working life:


  • Honesty


  • Rigour


  • Communication


  • Autonomy

Public-service vocation

  • Commitment to society
    The general interest

Accountability of the Strategic Plan 2024

The time horizon of the first Strategic Plan of the Banco de España is four years (PE2024), so, now approaching the end of its implementation period, it is appropriate to take stock of the results obtained in the five objectives that were established in its definition.

In a nutshell, the result has contributed to increasing the presence, impact and external influence of the Banco de España in its different areas of action, as well as achieving significant improvements in flexibility, agility and efficiency in the internal organization of work.

The following interactive infographic (currently only available in Spanish) summarizes the main achievements. By clicking on the icons, you can obtain more details about them: