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Bank customer enquiries

Who can make an enquiry?

Any person or entity and, on occasion, associations and organisations of financial service users acting on behalf of a customer or in defence of collective interests.

Queries or enquiries can be made about financial services and bank operations such as:

  • Mortgage and personal loans.
  • Guarantees and collateral.
  • Current and savings accounts.
  • Time deposits.
  • Payment service instruments (cards, transfers, direct debit payments, etc.).
  • Cash services.
  • Negotiable instruments (cheques, bills, etc.).
  • Probate services.
  • How to file or check the status of a complaint with the Banco de España.
  • Banknote and coin-related services offered by the Banco de España.

Under no circumstances may enquiries refer to a specific operation involving a particular entity, without prejudice to the possibility of submitting a complaint.

Replies are informative and are not binding for the persons, activities or scenarios envisaged in the enquiry.

  • By telephone, calling 900 54 54 54 or 91 338 8830
  • OnlineOpens in new window:
    1. Through the Banco de España’s Virtual OfficeOpens in new window (in Spanish), for which you will need to have a valid digital certificate or provide accreditation using @Clave.
    2. By filling out the contact formOpens in new window.
  • In person, through the General Register of the Banco de España in Madrid or the branch offices, between 8:30 and 14:00.
  • By post, addressed to:
    Banco de España
    Departamento de Conducta de Entidades
    c/ Alcalá, 48
    28014 Madrid
  • Your full name or company name, ID card number or tax ID number and, in the case of written enquiries, your address for communication purposes.
  • Background information and circumstances.
  • Doubts raised by the applicable regulation.
  • Any other details or elements that may facilitate the enquiry process.
  • The parties’ signature, indicating the place and date (in the case of written enquiries).

The deadline for responding is generally one month after submission of the written enquiry.

A delay in the response does not imply acceptance of the terms expressed by users in the enquiry.

Shortcuts to...

Bank Customer Portal

Virtual Office

Complaints Report

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Contact Institutions’ Conduct Department

  • Address: C/ Alcalá, 48 28014 Madrid
  • Telephone: 900 54 54 54
  • Telephone (34) 91 338 8830