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The Banco de España's Central Balance Sheet Data Office is a service that analyses the economic and financial information voluntarily submitted by Spanish non-financial corporations, which improves the knowledge about these corporations, enables financial accounts for the Spanish economy to be drawn up, and which analyses corporate performance and the effects of monetary policy measures on corporate financing and results.

This section provides information on who can contribute and how, and the benefits obtained from doing so. It is worth highlighting the access given to a comparative study of the company with aggregate figures for non-financial corporations in the same activity sector and the use of a European database for the same purpose.

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Contributing companies

The Central Balance Sheet Data Office is open to all public limited companies, limited liability companies, cooperatives, partnerships and limited partnerships, as well as autonomous commercial organisations and public corporate bodies. The productive activity of such companies should be "non-financial".

In order to facilitate their completion, the Central Balance Sheet Data Office makes the questionnaires available to companies in electronic format, with a downloadable programme or directly on the website, and also in PDF format that can be filled in.

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Database and applications

The information compiled and processed by the Central Balance Sheet Data Office (CBSO) is aggregated and structured in different formats to facilitate its use by different types of users. Thus, an application has been designed that allows the consultation of accounting statements and ratios for a large number of sectors of activity, applications that allow comparison in statistical terms (quartiles) of financial ratios with other European countries and the possibility of comparing online some significant ratios of companies with their sector of activity.

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Reports and statistical products

The information collected by the CBSO is used to produce reports on various factors relating to non-financial corporations. These reports are prepared both by the Banco de España itself and in collaboration with other European institutions. These reports are included in this section.

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Collaboration with other institutions

Since 1991, by virtue of collaboration agreements signed with the Ministry of Justice and with the Spanish Association of Property and Mercantile Registrars, Banco de España's Central Balance Sheet Data Office and the Mercantile Registries have been working together to facilitate the use of companies' annual accounts for statistical purposes.

The European Committee of Central Balance Sheet Data Offices is made up of the central balance sheet offices of the central banks of the main European countries and, since 1987, the year of its creation, has pooled the experience of these institutions, with the aim of improving techniques for collecting, processing and analysing information on non-financial companies and developing joint analysis and research work. As a result of this collaboration, a number of international sectoral studies and details of other recently published work are provided.

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