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DG Services


The current director general of the Director General Services is Alejandro Álvarez and the associate director general Services is Javier Pacios


  • Procurement Director: Miguel Ángel Ortiz
  • Control, Budget and Accounting Director: Juan Ramón Sáez
  • General Services Directora: Angélica Martínez Muñoz
  • Human Resources Director: Juan Manuel Delgado Deputy Director: Nieves Guil
  • Information SystemsDirector: Jaime Razquin Deputy Director: Juan Otegui Deputy Director: Mª Ángeles Colombás


The Directorate General Services is entrusted with the management and administration of the internal services and functions common to the entire Bank. Its competencies cover:

  • Human resources.
  • Work risk prevention.
  • The preparation of the draft expenditure and investment budget.
  • The preparation of the draft accounts (balance sheet, income statement and notes to the accounts); the accounting and control of operations.
  • Hiring arrangements.
  • The acquisition, maintenance and administration of assets and the art collection.
  • Information systems.
  • Organisation, the administration and organisation of internal security services and, in general, whatsoever areas are required to carry out the function entrusted to it.