Cash services

Credit institutions are in charge, through bank offices and ATMs, of providing cash to citizens. To offer this service, the Banco de España makes the banknotes and coins they need available to them through two different services.

Ordinary cash service

This is the cash service that the Banco de España offers to credit institutions that have subscribed to the “General conditionsOpens in new window”. This service supposes a series of advantages in terms of time flexibility, pick-up and delivery points or volume of operations, among others.

In the same way, subscribing to these conditions requires the entities concerned to send the Banco de España statistical information on the processing and delivery of banknotes and coins and to carry out certain controls on the authenticity and fitness of banknotes and coins put into circulation, either directly or through third parties.

Ordinary cash service. More information File PDF: Opens in new window (420 KB)

Ordinary cash service. AccesionOpens in new window

In order to carry out cash withdrawal requests and payment notices in advance, both of banknotes and coins, at the Banco de España branches, the Banco de España has developed a software application called GDI (Payments and Withdrawals Management),  In order to be able to use this service is required to adhere to it. Accesion to the Banco de España electronic services.Opens in new window

Basic cash service

This is the minimum cash service guaranteed by the Banco de España to credit institutions that request it.

Basic cash service. More information File PDF: Opens in new window (156 KB)