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News – May 2024
New datasets for External Assets and Liabilities, Foreign Debt, and International Reserves. Check them in the news page.

This project provides researchers and other interested users with statistical information that the Banco de España no longer disseminates as part of its current statistical activity (discontinued data series). In addition, data compiled or estimated by researchers whose papers have been published by the Banco de España (re-edited time series) are also made available. The selected historical time series offer a combined extract of the above-mentioned time series for the most significant variables. See more

The ultimate aim of this project is to preserve earlier statistical information in an accessible format, making it easy to reuse in future research.

The project is ongoing so new time series will be added over time as they are compiled. Furthermore, information from external research projects and from other institutions which disseminate statistics may also be included in the project.

With this project, the Banco de España wishes to pay homage to one of the main instigators of statistical production at the Banco de España, Pedro Martínez Méndez (1934-2005). He was also determined that the enormous volume of data that he had compiled for his final projects, which could not be completed or published, be made available to researchers. It is his determination to share information and promote historical economic research that has prompted the Banco de España to create this project. See less

Datasets by origin

Discontinued time seriesTime series no longer published by the Banco de España or other institutions

Re-edited time seriesTime series obtained from Banco de España or external publications

Selected time seriesA selection of re-edited and discontinued time series

Videos and data visualization

BExploreCompare two years of the Spanish economy (1850-2020)

BExploreThe territorial historical statistics

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