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Transfer and standing order fees

The Banco de España Circular 2/2019, of 29 MarchOpens in new window, in its Chapter V, Rule 13, determines that credit institutions must communicate to Banco de España the average fees or expenses charged to their clients for transfer services and for direct debit transaction services, during the twelve months immediately preceding the corresponding communication.

This request for information is based on Article 4.3 of the Order ECE/228/2019, which charges Banco de España to publish, on a quarterly basis, the mentioned average fees or expenses. The goal of this measure is to spread awareness about the maximum fees that institutions can charge for the use of transfer services and direct debit transaction services that exceed the amount mentioned in Letter e) of Article 4.2 of the Order ECE/228/2019.

The information provided by the institutions may be consulted at the following link: