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General Secretariat


The current general secretary is Francisco Javier Priego and the deputy secretary general is Jaime Herrero


  • Legal Directora: Lucía Arranz Deputy Director: Marcos Posada


The General Secretariat shall be responsible for:

  • The secretariat to the governing bodies of the Banco de España, and assistance to the Council Members.
  • Legal advice to the governing bodies and, in general, to the Bank.
  • The conducting of sanctioning proceedings in respect of the parties envisaged under current regulations.
  • Reporting, providing resolution where appropriate, on the requests by credit institutions and other financial agents that the Banco de España must address or authorise, in the areas entrusted to the General Secretariat.
  • The Official Registers of the Banco de España.
  • The management of the Virtual Office and of compliance with obligations in respect of transparency and access to public information, accessibility, protection of personal data and codes of conduct.
  • The Historical and General Archives and the Numismatic Service, and the coordination of the Bank’s corporate documentation management.