EURIBOR (official mortgage market reference rate) (November 2023)

Publication of official mortgage market reference rates: EURIBOR, MIBOR, Interest Rate Swap (IRS) and €STR-based official reference rate. The aforementioned rates only become official upon publication in the Spanish Official State Gazette. 

The remaining official reference rates: (i) the IRR on government bonds with maturities of two to six years traded in the secondary market will be published monthly once the rate calculated by Sociedad de Bolsas is available; and (ii) the average rate on mortgage loans for unsubsidised house purchase with maturities of more than three years extended by credit institutions in Spain and the average rate on loans for house purchase with maturities of one to five years extended by credit institutions in the euro area will be updated around the 20th of each month, in Table 19.1 of the Statistical Bulletin.

On 1 November 2013, the Banco de España stopped publishing the savings banks’ reference lending rate – CECA indicator – and the average rates on mortgage loans at over three years for house purchase extended by banks and savings banks, in compliance with Ministerial Order EHA 2899/2011 of 28 October 2011 on transparency and customer protection in banking services.


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