Phases of temporary recruitment

  • Read the terms and conditions of each call for applications carefully to find out about all aspects of the process and to resolve any doubts you may have.
  • Send your application: download the application form, complete it properly including the attached supporting documents and send it according to the instructions indicated in the terms and conditions. It is very important that you send your complete application form and describe in detail your professional experience and all the aspects of your application that you wish to highlight.
  • Requirements check. In this first phase we will check the requirements defined in the terms and conditions of the reference process. Those candidates who, in the Bank's opinion, best fit the profile will move on to the next phase.
  • Knowledge tests and personal interviews:
    These are usually of the following types, depending on the profile:
    • Psycho-technical tests.
    • Written English test: this will consist of a TOEIC® Reading and listening test.
    • Specific knowledge test: solving case studies, knowledge questionnaires, presentation of a project/topic/research or other.
    • Office automation tests.
  • Publication of the list of successful candidates. In general, applicant pools do not have a specific cancellation date, so we recommend that you subscribe to our alert channel to keep up to date with all publications.
  • Recruitment: suitable candidates will be called for recruitment in order of list to cover temporary needs.
    For more information on the procedure regarding the applicant pools, you can consult the general conditions of temporary recruitment File PDF: Opens in new window (408 KB)as well as the terms and conditions of each call for applications.

In the selective processes of temporary recruitment, communications with candidates will be made by e-mail or telephone.