Temporary staff recruitment processes

Admission of applications

In the first phase of these processes, we review satisfaction of both the general requirements in the general conditions for the recruitment of temporary staff  File PDF: Opens in new window (408 KB)and the specific requirements (qualifications, experience, etc.) listed in the vacancy notice.

If your profile is among those that most closely matches what we’re looking for, you’ll move on to the next phase, which involves different knowledge tests and/or personal interviews. Depending on the profile we’re recruiting for, these tests may include an English test, an IT test, a specific knowledge test, case studies, questionnaires on knowledge and presentations of a project/subject/research work, etc.

We generally use TOEIC® Listening and Reading to assess candidates’ level of English. You can find more information about this test here File PDF: Opens in new window (2 MB).

Upon completion of the selection tests, we will publish a list of successful candidates in order of their results and/or their profiles.

We’ll call successful candidates following this order to cover the temporary recruitment needs the Bank approves for the same function, level and job description.

Waiting lists do not generally have a specific end date. We therefore recommend you subscribe to our Newsletter to keep up to date with any new announcements.

More information on our temporary staff recruitment processes is available in the general conditions for the recruitment of temporary staff File PDF: Opens in new window (408 KB) and the temporary recruitment procedure File PDF: Opens in new window (476 KB), in addition to each vacancy notice.

In temporary staff recruitment processes, we’ll contact you by email or telephone.