Banknotes and coins

Presumably counterfeit banknotes and coins

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No. 1338/2001, credit institutions, bureaux de change and other institutions engaged in handling cash as a professional activity are obliged to withdraw from circulation any euro banknotes or coins received by them which they know or have sufficient reason to believe are counterfeit. They must also hand them over without delay to the Banco de España.

Any banknotes and coins detected in the course of business and presumed to be counterfeit must be handed over to the Banco de España within fifteen working days of being detected.

The Banco de España accepts that direct delivery may be made by an agent specialising in the transport and distribution of money.

If delivery is made by secure means, this must be done in accordance with the steps shown in the following link:

The Banco de España issues a receipt for the banknotes and coins , which serves to certify compliance with the obligations assumed by credit institutions under the fourth additional provision of Law 46/1998 of 17 December 1998, and of Article 6 of Regulation (EC) No. 1338/2001 concerning the delivery of banknotes and coins that are known or believed to be counterfeit to the Banco de España.

Results of expert analysis

The reporting institution will be informed of the result of the expert analysis of the banknotes.

If the expert analysis carried out at the National Analysis Centre shows the banknote or banknotes and coins submitted to be genuine, the corresponding amount will be credited to the current account of the person whose banknote or coin was withhold without delay.