Changes in the tables of interest rates statistics


03/02/2014 -

Credit institutions and credit financial intermediares, other monetary financial institutions and interest rates (excluding those published in financial markets chapters).

Royal Decree 14/2013 of 29 November 2013, on urgent measures for the adaptation of Spanish law to European Union regulations on the supervision and solvency of financial institutions, has amended Royal Decree 1298/1986 on the adaptation of the legislation currently governing credit institutions to that of the European Communities. These new regulations mean that credit financial intermediaries cease to be considered as credit institutions from January 2014.

To prevent breaks in the series, the tables in chapters 4, 8 and 19, which disseminated information under the heading of credit institutions, now refer to credit institutions and credit financial intermediaries, as indicated in the titles of the tables involved and in the descriptions of the corresponding series. The chapters will be updated according to the dates set in the statistical data dissemination calendar.