Changes in the tables of financial corporations statistics


28/11/2019 -

Banco de España

As from the update of the September 2019 data, the information previously given on banknotes and coins in tables 7.16 and 7.17 has been extended and renumbered. Specifically, table 7.16 adds information in respect of liabilities of euro banknotes assigned to the Banco de España and on banknotes distributed less banknotes withdrawn in the period (columns 1 and 3, respectively). Tables 7.17 and 7.18 are added with information on euro banknotes distributed and withdrawn in the period, respectively. Finally, table 7.17 is renumbered as table 7.19.


07/06/2019 -

Other monetary financial institutions

Since the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2017/1131 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2017 on money market funds and of CNMV Circular 1/2019 of 28 March on categories of collective investment schemes according to their investment objective, most money market funds (MMFs) have changed their investment policy to that of a short-term euro fixed-income investment fund (IF) or have merged with other non-monetary IFs.

In order to preserve the confidentiality of the data on the MMFs that still exist, the decision has been taken to cease publishing Tables 8.A, 8.F, 8.91 and 8.92 of the Statistical Bulletin, from this edition onwards.


22/03/2019 -

Credit institutions and credit financial intermediaries

For the first time the January 2019 figures reflect the application of IFRS 16. This standard amends the accounting criteria for operating leases. As a result,the lessee includes in assets (as a fixed asset) and liabilities the right to use the good subject to contract. This change in criterion has meant a significant relative increase in the property caption in January 2019.