Changes in the tables of external statistics


29/10/2021 -

Balance of payments and international investment position

A new table has been included, complementing the information already published about the Foreign direct investment according to directional principle, adding the breakdown by ultimate investor economy (table 17.44b). Table 17.44 is renamed to 17.44a, referring to the geographical detail by immediate investor economy. A statistical note will be released soon explaining the relevance of this breakdown in the characterization of this type of investment and the applied methodology.

Additionally, more detail on the geographical breakdown of workers’ remittances payments is provided, adding to the information by country (main counterparts) the breakdown by areas (continents and EU area) (Table 17.6a).

Finally, in table 17.27a, Portfolio investment data has been eliminated because the available geographical breakdown of liabilities is compiled on the basis of the first non-resident counterpart country, which is not necessarily the same as the final holder of the titles. The evolution of the data had therefore little analytical meaning, as variations could be due to changes in the immediate custodian and not of the final holder. The distribution of the holder countries of Spanish liabilities can be consulted in the IMF’s Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS), table 8Opens in a new window


23/09/2021 -

Balance of payments and international investment position

Two new tables have been included, complementing the information already published about the International investment position and the Gross external debt with their currency composition details: table 17.22b contains the breakdown by currency of assets in the International investment position, and table 17.32 provides the breakdown by currency of the external debt assets and liabilities. With this new publication, the recommendations of the G20 Data GapsOpens in a new window initiative for the enhancement of monetary and financial statistics are followed.

In addition to the series included in the new tables mentioned above, and coherently with the recent changes introduced by the ECB Guideline on external statistics (ECB/2018/19Opens in a new window), new Balance of payments and International investment position data are also published in BIEST. These new series offer, above all, a greater detail by institutional sector and instrument of the financial transactions and positions, and are accessible through this linkOpens in a new window.


30/06/2021 -

Balance of payments and international investment position

Due to the migration of contents from the publication Economic Indicators to the Statistical Bulletin from 1 July 2021, a new table has been included in the Statistical Bulletin, 17.2a Financial account. Summary. Continued, which contains the same information as the previous table in Economic Indicators 7.2. Spanish balance of payments vis-à-vis other euro area residents and the rest of the world. Financial account.


06/05/2021 -

Balance of payments and international investment position

The composition of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has been updated due to the inclusion of Colombia as a new OECD member (tables 17.4b, 17.3a, 17.16, 17.22a, 17.27a, 17.44 y 17.45 of the Statistical Bulletin).