Changes in the tables of external statistics


30/11/2017 -

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position

Table 17.21c (International investment position. Breakdown by institutional sector) has been added. It presents quarterly data relating to the breakdown of the international investment position (assets, liabilities and net) by institutional sector of the Spanish economy.


25/09/2017 -

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position

Table 17.23a (Assets. Portfolio investment, excluding the Banco de España. Breakdown by geographical and economic area and financial instrument) with annual frequency has been divided into two tables in order to offer the data in quarterly frequency and in greater geographical detail. Thus, Table 17.23a now shows total portfolio investment assets (excluding the Banco de España), while Table 17.23b shows the breakdown between equity and investment fund shares and debt securities.


07/04/2017 -

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position

More detailed information in geographical terms of credits and debits of services is being published for the first time (Tables 17.4d and 17.4e).


31/03/2017 -

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position

Details of the integrated international investment position statement are published for the first time (Tables 17.21a and 17.21b). This integrated statement shows how the changes in the international investment position (IIP) are due to transactions of the financial account of the balance of payments (BP) and to other flows. Until now, the IIP and BP data were available and, consequently, so was the breakdown of the changes in the IIP between BP transactions and total other flows, which could be calculated by difference. Within the other flows, the integrated statement distinguishes, firstly, those changes in the IIP due to revaluations and those caused by other changes in volume (which include, among others, forgiveness, unilateral loan cancellations and reclassifications, and may incorporate statistical discrepancies between the IIP and the financial account of the BP). And secondly, within revaluations, details are given of those linked to changes in the price of instruments valued at market prices in the IIP, and of those due to changes in the euro exchange rate against the currencies in which some foreign assets and liabilities are denominated.