11th Research Workshop – Banco de España & CEMFI



22 Noviembre

    • 10:00h - 10:50h
    • The Management of the Pandemic and its Effects on Trust and Accountability (Mónica Martínez-Bravo and Carlos Sanz) PDF Management ( 5 MB )

      Mónica Martínez-Bravo (CEMFI)

    • 10:50h - 11:40h
    • A production network model for the Spanish economy with an application to the impact of NGEU funds (Alejandro Fernández-Cerezo, Enrique Moral and Javier Quintana)

      Javier Quintana (Banco de España)

    • 11:40h - 12:00h
    • Pausa
    • 12:00h - 12:50h
    • GDP Solera. Ideal Vintage Mix (Martín Almuzara, Dante Amengual, Gabriele Fiorentini and Enrique Sentana) PDF GDP solera ( 2 MB )

      Enrique Sentana (CEMFI)

    • 12:50h - 13:40h
    • Macroprudential FX Regulations: Sacrificing Small Firms for Stability? PDF Macroprudencial ( 1 MB )

      María Alejandra Amado (Banco de España)

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