Changes to the table 19.1 have been performed to include new reference interest rates, after the entry into force of the Ministerial Order ETD/699/2020

Chapter 19. Interest rates (excluding those published in financial markets chapters) 

As from this edition of the Statistical Bulletin, and to adapt the publication to the changes made to official interest rates by Ministerial Order ETD/699/2020, the information provided in Table 19.1 has been altered. Previous columns 7, 8 and 9, which had already ceased to be considered as official interest rates, have been removed. The 12-month MIBOR moves to column 10. The official interest rates hitherto in columns 2 to 6 move to columns 5 to 9. Finally, columns 1 to 4 show the new official reference rates introduced by the above-mentioned Order. 

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