Chapter 19 has been reorganized and now it offers more details on rates applied to consumer credit

Chapter 19. Interest rates (excluding those published in financial markets chapters)

As from this month the information offered in this chapter, concerning the interest rates applied by Monetary Financial Institutions in lending and deposit operations vis-à-vis households and NPISHs and non-financial corporations, is being reorganised. The reason for these changes is to offer clearer information on consumer financing.

Specifically, the information on credit cards (interest rates applied and volume of new business) has been placed for presentation purposes within the consumer credit segment (e.g. in Tables 19.3 and 19.4), since this is considered to be its fundamental end-use. This grouping is informative since, although the end-purpose of these credits is the same, their different characteristics mean that the rates applied to credit granted through credit cards (deferred payment or revolving cards) differ clearly from those applied to traditional consumer credit.

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