Changes to the table 19.1 have been performed to include new reference interest rates based on the €STR, to finalise its adaptation to the Ministerial Order ETD/699/2020

Chapter 19. Interest rates (excluding those published in financial markets chapters)

As from the present edition of the Statistical Bulletin, and to complete its adaptation to the changes made to key policy interest rates included by Ministerial Order ETD/699/2020, the information offered in table 19.1 has been altered. Columns 6 to 10 show the new reference rates based on €STR, shifting those hitherto in this position to columns 11 to 15. The previous columns 13 to 26 are moved to columns 16 to 29. Finally, the dates of publication in the BOE, previously in columns 11, 12 and 27, are now in columns 30 to 33.

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