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Glosario de términos


  • Raised ink layer
    A security feature characterised by a palpable raised print on a paper. See intaglio.
  • Right of issue
    The central banks' right to place banknotes in circulation, thereby obtaining monetary income (seigniorage). In the Eurosystem, pursuant to the provisions of the Treaty of the European Community, the European Central Bank and national central banks are exclusively entitled to issue euro banknotes. The Banco de España, being a Eurosystem central national bank, is entitled to issue euro banknotes.
  • Rainbow printing
    This is a printing technique that produces images in different colours that gently blend into each other. They are difficult to reproduce and for that reason they are used as a security measure against counterfeiting. Rainbow printing is used on euro banknotes.
  • Register
    The printing of several colours with highly adjusted limits. Additionally, it is the printing of elements of an image by exact superimposition on the obverse and reverse of a document. See see-through register.
  • Relief
    See intaglio, raised printing
  • Reverse
    The opposite side to the obverse of a banknote. The reverse of each of the seven denominations of euro banknotes features a characteristic bridge of a particular period in European cultural evolution, from the first constructions to the most modern hanging bridges. They are a metaphor for communication among the people of Europe and between Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Roughness
    Rough quality. This is a characteristic that gives an evaluation of the level of relief on a paper surface. It is only representative as a characteristic of paper which has not been printed. Roughness is included in the technical specifications for euro banknotes.
  • Return rate

    The ratio between the number of notes of a certain denomination that come in (return) to a national central bank during a given period, and the average number of notes in circulation in said period. It is one of the indicators used in the management and analysis of cash in circulation.