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Glosario de términos


  • National Analysis Centre (NAC)
    Each EU Member State has established, in agreement with the European Central Bank (ECB), a National Analysis Centre in accordance with its national legislation and practices, in order for counterfeit banknotes to be sent to said centre for their identification. In Spain, this centre is located within the Banco de España (Cash and Issue Department). The general public, credit institutions and any other entity that handles euro banknotes shall hand over any counterfeit banknotes received to the competent national authorities without delay. Counterfeit banknotes handed over to the NAC of the Banco de España are not exchanged for legitimate banknotes. There is an obligation to collaborate with national authorities in the withdrawal of all counterfeit euro banknotes received from the notes and coins in circulation. If counterfeit euro banknotes are not immediately sent to the NAC, sanctions could be applied.
  • Numismatics
    The science that studies coins and medals. In the sphere of banking services, a numismatic service is understood to be that whereby an entity sells its customers legal or illegal tender to satisfy collecting or investment demands. In these cases, the entity acts as a mere intermediary.
  • National Central Bureau Against Currency Counterfeiting (OCN)
    The Banco de España Investigation Brigade is the police unit responsible for suppressing criminal activities associated with currency counterfeiting in Spain, as the National Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeiting Currency, in keeping with international conventions such as the International Convention for the Suppression of Counterfeiting Currency - Geneva, 20 April 1929.