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Glosario de términos


  • Legitimate or authentic banknote
    A banknote that satisfies all the specified requirements. It is a means of payment, full legal tender, and represents the amount of money indicated on its face value.
  • Latent image
    A ghost or spectral image within the context of a security document. It is an optically variable and non-iridescent device based on the raised intaglio printing technique. The effect is only perceptible on observing the image from certain angles.
  • Laser printer
    Electrophotographic (xerographic) printing machine that forms the image to be reproduced using a laser writing device.
  • Light interference
    This is based on the wave nature of light: the light waves that are in phase mutually reinforce each other, the waves in contrast void each other. A well-known phenomenon that uses light interference is the effects of changing lights. The optically variable ink used in euro banknotes produces light interference.
    "Initials which correspond to the words "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation." It was invented in 1960 and provides a source of very intense monochromatic light and parallel rays. Since 1960, various types of lasers have been developed. Lasers are applicable to a large number of technologies, some of which are applicable to banknote security."
  • Lithography
    A process of printing from a flat surface, such as a metal plate or a flat stone (litos means stone in Greek), in which the parts of the image receive ink while the parts without an image repel the ink.
  • Luminescence
    The collective name for the emission of non-incandescent light (cold light). In practice, luminescence is the conversion of invisible radiation, such as ultraviolet, into visible light. Luminescent inks are frequently applied to documents as a security feature. Luminescent security features can't be imitated by normal reproduction techniques.
  • Legal tender
    The official tender of a state where it is the currency; that is, the citizens of that country are obliged to accept it as a means of payment of a debt.
  • Layout
    Preparation of the original materials such as films, files, plates, etc. required to print a banknote.