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This section includes the statistics and surveys compiled by the Banco de España relating to the activity of non-financial corporations. This sector is made up of all those institutional units that have their own legal personality, are market producers and whose main activity is the production of non-financial services. The information published is compiled on the basis of Central Balance Sheet Data Office and business survey data. See more

The Banco de España Central Balance Sheet Data Office creates databases using the economic and financial information voluntarily reported to it by non-financial corporations, along with the information such corporations are required to file at the Mercantile Registries by law. In addition, firms interested in reporting their data and database users can access further detailed information on the Banco de España Central Balance Sheet Data Office webpage or at the link provided there.

Besides, the Bank of Spain has conducted the Survey of Small Enterprises' Financial Literacy, which aims at measuring the financial literacy of enterprises with less than 50 employees (financial knowledge, attitudes and behaviour), their ownership of financial instruments, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their activity and their level of digitalisation. See less

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