Release calendar for statistics

The Banco de España updates all the data available in the Statistics section of its website on a daily basis around 10:15. To help you keep track of the data released every day, it publishes a release calendar, which provides information on the date and frequency of release of the different statistics.

The statistical calendar is released at the beginning of the year with the release date for each statistic of the current year. In October, the complete release calendar of the following year is provided only in iCalendar and PDF formats.

Release calendar for statistics

The release calendar for statistics from Banco de España is provided in two formats: PDF and iCalendar.

(Latest update: May 7, 2024)

Release calendar for statistics grouped by subject area

The release dates for each statistic are indicated below. To see the date, click on the corresponding subject area and the on the statistic in question. Click again to conceal the date.

In addition, the iCalendar link provides an e-calendar for each subject area, with the release dates of all the statistics in that area.

Explanatory notes to the release calendar of the Banco de España

(a) Information included in the IMF Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS Plus)Opens new window to which Spain adheres.

(b) Statistic included under the 2021-2024 National Statistics PlanOpens new window.


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