3rd WB-BE Research Conference

On June 24-25, the Banco de España hosted the conference “Financing growth: Levers, Boosters and Brakes”, jointly organized with the World Bank. The Conference brought together academics and policy makers to discuss the nexus between finance and growth. The goal of the meeting was to assess the conditions under which finance is more (or less) likely to support investment, innovation and productivity growth. Special consideration was given to the analysis of monetary, macroprudential and regulatory policies, and to their influence on the real economy through the financial channel. In particular, the topics of the conference included:

  • Bank lending, innovation and growth
  • Foreign investment and productivity
  • Credit markets, institutions and growth
  • Monetary, macroprudential and regulatory policy
  • Financial disequilibria and growth

The conference featured 10 papers and a keynote speech by professor Luigi Zingales (Univ. of Chicago Booth School of Business)



23 Junio

    • 09:00h - 09:15h
    • Registration
    • 09:30h - 11:00h
    • Session 1: Foreign investment
    • 11:00h - 11:20h
    • Coffee Break
    • 11:20h - 12:50h
    • Session 2: Credit markets, institutions and growth
    • 13:00h - 14:30h
    • Lunch buffet
    • 15:00h - 16:30h
    • Session 3: Macroprudential and regulatory policy
    • 16:30h - 16:50h
    • Coffee break
    • 17:00h - 18:15h
    • Keynote Speech
    • 20:30h - 22:30h
    • Dinner (by invitation)

24 Junio

    • 09:30h - 11:45h
    • Session 4: Bank lending and growth. Innovation and shocks
    • 11:45h - 12:00h
    • Coffee break
    • 12:00h - 13:30h
    • Special session: Financial disequilibria and growth
    • 13:30h - 13:40h
    • Closing Remarks
    • 13:50h - 15:00h
    • Stand-up lunch
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