Joint CEPR and Ninth Banco de España Economic History Seminar



29 September

    • 08:30h - 09:45h
    • Welcome address: Carlos Thomas Borao (Associate Director General Economics and Research, Banco de España)
    • 09:45h - 11:15h
    • International Finance

      Chair: Jacopo Timini (Banco de España)

      Missing Markets: Market Microstructure and Market Failure on the 19th Century London Stock Exchange

      Rui Esteves and Gabriel Mesevage File PDF: Opens in new window (3 MB) (King’s College London)

      Discussant: María Rodríguez Moreno File PDF: Opens in new window (677 KB) (Banco de España)

      Golden Fetters or Credit Boom gone bust? A reassessment of Capital Flows in the Interwar Period

      Lukas Diebold File PDF: Opens in new window (1 MB) (University of Manheim)

      Discussant: Rui Esteves File PDF: Opens in new window (453 KB) (CEPR, Geneva Graduate Institute)

    • 11:15h - 11:45h
    • Coffee break
    • 13:15h - 14:30h
    • Lunch break
    • 14:30h - 16:00h
    • International Migrations

      Chair: Stephen Broadberry (CEPR, University of Oxford)

      From Global to Local: Trade Shocks and Regional Growth in Italy during the First Globalization

      Matteo Gomellini File PDF: Opens in new window (839 KB) (Banca d’Italia), Anna Missiaia and Dario Pellegrino

      Discussant: Pablo Martinelli File PDF: Opens in new window (276 KB) (Universidad Carlos III)

      Gambling for America: The First Wave of Migration to the Americas,1492-1540

      Leticia Arroyo Abad File PDF: Opens in new window (2 MB) (CEPR, City University of New York), José-Antonio Espín-Sánchez, Yannay Spitzer and Ariell Zimran

      Discussant: João Pereira dos Santos  File PDF: Opens in new window (93 KB)(ISEG)

    • 16:00h - 16:30h
    • Coffee break
    • 18:00h - 18:00h
    • Farewell conclusions by the members of the Scientific Committee
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