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Glosario de términos


  • Foreign trade of goods
    Exports and imports of goods outside of the euro area, measured in nominal and real terms and as unit value indexes. Foreign trade statistics are not comparable to the exports and imports recorded in national accounts, as these include transactions inside and outside of the euro area and also combine goods and services. Neither are they fully comparable to the goods item under balance of payments statistics. In addition to methodological adjustments, the main difference lies in the fact that in foreign trade statistics, imports are recorded together with insurance and freight, while they are recorded without loading costs under the goods items under balance of payments statistics.
  • Financial account
    A balance of payments account that covers all transactions in direct investment, portfolio investment, other investment, financial derivatives and reserve assets, between residents and non-residents.
  • Foreign currency
    Foreign currency is understood to be the banknotes issued by foreign banks and bank balances denominated in foreign currency. Any right expressed in foreign currency and payable abroad (for example, a cheque) is also considered foreign currency.
  • Fixed interest rate

    A transaction (for example a mortgage loan) takes place at a fixed rate of interest where this remains unaltered during the life of transaction.

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