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Glosario de términos


  • PIN
    A secret code that must only be known by the credit or debit card holder, which allows them to carry out operations in automated teller machines or for payments in shops when required.
  • Prepaid card

    An electronic means of payment for certain services (e.g. mobile telephony), and which is issued by the operator offering this service. They are loaded with a certain amount, which the customer pays in advance, enabling the card to be used up to this limit.

  • Point-of-sale terminals

    Electronic devices located at the point of sale for products or services, at which the appropriate checks or authorisations are carried out prior to the acceptance of card payments in commercial transactions. In Spain, all terminals allow operations with credit and debit cards, without distinction. Point-of-sale terminals are only calculated as independent units when they operate autonomously. Devices installed in a single commercial establishment that depend on a common communications node are treated as a single element.